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Author Message

Joined: 29/01/2010 21:40:55
Messages: 1

Thank you very much for BitMeter.
But there is one not quite comfortable thing in New Volume Alert. There are 2
modes of volume control in this Alert Editor:

"are downloaded" and "are uploaded"

But I very need to have such control volume mode as "are downloaded + uploaded".
Is it possible to ask to you to realize such mode of control?
I will be very much you thankful.
Anonymous User

i see these have already been requested, just throwing my vote behind them:

option to disable graph
option to show numeric display in the taskbar
option to disregard traffic from certain processes/sources (wan vs lan, browser vs torrent)

thanks for a great program!
Anonymous User

Hello! I propose to implement the function off BitMeter icons in the tray. Thank you. Sincerely, Sergey.
Anonymous User


Great application so far but being able to differentiate bandwidth being used from the internet or from the LAN would be even better. As in it should be able to show how much bandwidth went out/came from the gateway to the ISP and how much was just circulated around my local computers.

Anonymous User

I see a few posts asking to exclude lan trafic such as 192.168.0.* etc
How about either
Monitor traffic to / from public wan IP sddress or even use dynamic dns
Use SNMP to monitor wan traffic on snmp enabled routers (like bytometer but it's broken in windows7)
Anonymous User

Thanks for this great software! :mrgreen:

About the request:
+1 on option to disable graph

To something like this:

Anonymous User

Introduce more ISP restriction settings such as:

24-hour roll over bandwith allowance limit
more time periods for bandwith allowance such as hours, days, weeks, etc besides months.

More advanced bandwith usage info which lists:

video streaming
http downloading
general web surfing
sort into downloaded file types
Anonymous User

I Need Just One Thing.....

The Option To Exclude The Usage For A Certain Period Of Time.(not counting the usage for a mentioned time)

I Don't Know If It's There Already...

But It Would Be Very Nice To Have It Around!!

Joined: 19/03/2008 18:27:35
Messages: 519

Anonymous User wrote:I Need Just One Thing.....

The Option To Exclude The Usage For A Certain Period Of Time.(not counting the usage for a mentioned time)

I Don't Know If It's There Already...

But It Would Be Very Nice To Have It Around!!

This feature will be in the next release of BitMeter OS (not in BitMeter 2 though)

Joined: 01/11/2009 17:34:35
Messages: 6

I noticed that Bitmeter 2 has a fixed size of 300.
Could you make this value configurable via the gui ?

Also, does this history limit affect Bitmeter OS?

Anonymous User

I keep the graph near the top right of the browser title bar, but the readout area intrudes into the location bar. I'd like to be able to put the readout at the side rather than underneath the graph.

Joined: 03/02/2011 09:31:04
Messages: 2

ability to convert .csv files into system readable format and display it via statistics grid.

eg:if i want to add bitmeter days data from x year to a new computer it should reconvert the .csv file into the statistic grid format
Anonymous User

rob wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:Great little utility. I was using Netgraph2, which is very similar but kept crashing and got no feedback from the author (Bulgarian!). Now using yours but would like to see one big improvement. Any chance you could get the window to remember where it was the last time it ran and to park itself back in the same place the next time it opens?

Hi - thanks for your comments - sounds like something isn't right on your machine though, Bitmeter should save its position automatically each time you close it and should reappear in the same place next time it starts up. Any chance you have an over-zealous AV/Anti Spyware app running maybe? Bitmeter needs to be able to update its settings file for the position restore to work, I would check that this isn't being blocked by some security feature you have in place.
Anonymous User

It would be great if there was a simpler way to minimize the graph window.

Current options are: right click the window, look for "Send to Tray" (two clicks and some visual scanning) or click on the system tray icon (I hide the system tray icon because it's redundant with the graph).

Perhaps double-clicking on the window? Or (as with DU Meter) hovering on the window makes minimize/exit button appear?

Very handy little program, thanks much for your work.
Anonymous User

rob wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:There is one feature from DU-Meter i am missing: Average readout on the numeric values. It could be made as "rolling average" of the last 30 secs, or even better adjustable. Otherwise it´s a nice little program :D

Hi - you can see averages by enabling the Stopwatch feature and choosing the values that you want, see here: http://codebox.no-ip.net/bitmeter2help/settings_stopwatch.jsp

What average time is it calculated from ? Is there any option to adjust this period ?
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