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Is it possible to read off the cumulative data usage of internet used from a router instead of from the system that BitmeterOS is installed on? I will appreciate some explanations if it was possible. Thanks.
When I am using BitMeter, I notice that it starts off database entries in intervals of 1s, then after an hour it aggregates to 1minute, then after 1 day, it aggregates to 1 hour.
Is there any way to stop that behaviour, or to extract the data from the dB differently?
Sorry, if I have missed an already documented solution there
When i try to install Bit Meter in Windows 8 i get this message:

But i have the last Net Frame Work version installed.

Can anyone give me a hand? Bit Meter is for me the best internet meter and i don't want to lose it.

I'm using the RPM package for Bitmeter OS (version 0.7.1) and was able to install the RPM successfully. However, when I try a command like

I get this message:

Looking at the file in question, here's the failing line:

If anyone knows how to get past it, that would be great!
How can I divide by 2 or stop BitMeterOS from reading, what I think, may be two network modules instead of one.

In Network Connections there is an extra network module which the VPN uses.
Hi, I'm using Kubuntu linux.

When I install BitmeterOS, it will run once, and sometimes it will restart and be fine... sometimes for months.

Eventually, however, (usually at the first restart), it will display in the browser, but act as if there is no bandwidth being used.

This happens with the latest version and also with older versions.

Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help (I tried complete removal in Synaptic)

Removing the database doesn't help.

I had the problem:

2014-08-31 21:32:24 WEB Bad database version detected. This application requires a database at version 7 but the file /var/lib/bitmeter/bitmeter.db has version 8

I use Kubuntu

This seems to be solved after complete uninstall and reinstall.

However, I would like to restore the old database (which I saved), so I can have my history. I have history going back to 2012. Any way to do this?
Hello Bitmeter developer / team,

A few days ago, I updated to the experimental version v0.8.0, because the stable version did not work for me. The Web Interface process constantly crashed, but that is something for another topic.

The monitor graph in version v.0.8.0 became increasingly more jagged than in version 0.7.5, which I used before. In the earlier version there were at times some false drops, but I took that for granted. But the graph right now has a drop at all the capture intervals (I presume). See the screenshot here:

Does anybody else experience this? Is this a known bug / artifact, or not?

And by the way: Many thanks for your excellent work! :)
So I jumped the gun and installed the amd64 bit v0.8 and installed it on my machine.

It upgraded the DB, and showed all of the past info in the web interface, but the monitor wasn't working.

For the life of me I couldn't get bmcapture to actually load without segfaulting.

I decided to go to v0.7.6 instead...which let me install it, but advised the DB cannot be upgraded to v7 as it's already at v8...

So...I had upgraded without taking a copy of the DB. Damn.

Moved the DB to bitmeter.db.old, reinstalled v0.7.6 again - all fine. It's just missing ~2 years of data :-(

Thought...screw it, let's try that upgrade again, I know what my options are here I guess.

Same thing. Historical data is there (copied that moved DB back to original name), web interface works - it's just that bmcapture doesn't work :-\

strace of launching bmcapture here: http://pastebin.com/Aaxb0V6J

The problem is in the subject.
I've just install BitMeterOS v0.7.6 on my Imac (osx 10.6.8).
When I ask sumary in the web interface of bitmeter, there are no information but the message "unable to parse the server reponse".
I've saved a server name in the preferences.
What's wrong ?

I also had that problem. It turned out that my database image was corrupted. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it works fine.
My Bitmeter installation is doing full scans (at least) three times a day--and I can't find any way of changing the schedule (if there is one).

Sorry Rob, it still does not work in Win 8.1 with v3.6.0

I'm not sure if there are other things besides .Net 1.1 that your tool requires, but I am having no luck getting it to show any download or upload speeds. Both stay at flat 0.0.

My download speed peak has never passed 170kbps, however this is surely to slow as my internet is working quite fine. Is there something I am missing or is there a bug?
I'm experiencing two issues that I believe might stem from a single cause.

1. Monitor view shows different rates in full vs. mobile version

In full version all graphs but Internet Uploads show constant zero. Internet Uploads gauge appears to be about right.
Mobile version's Monitor shows numbers that are waaaaaaay out there — they appear to be about 5 times the real ones (can't say that for sure about DL rates, as full version's monitor doesn't show those).

The source of this issue probably also causes these entries in the bitmeter.log (last 10 lines of ~14k more of the same):

2. History view crashes BitMeterWebService.exe. It's running (or rather — crashing) on a Win7 machine.

The service crashes right after activating History tab in web GUI, and the following is what I get in the application event log:
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